Electromagnetic Endoscopy

Revolutionary electromagnetic endoscopy accessory to automatize polyp detection


Non ionizing radiation

Improves vision

Field of view of 360º

Characterizes polyps

Differenciates benign and

malignant polyps

The Problem

Colorectal Cancer

Every year 1.4 milion new cases of colorectal cancer are diagnosed. This cancer can be cured in more than 90% of cases if precancerous polyps are detected and removed. Colonoscopy is the most effective method and the only one able to remove polyps in the entire colon.
However, still 22% of polyps are missed.

The Solution


Low-cost and safe electromagnetic accessory designed to be attached
at the tip of a conventional colonoscope.
MiWEndo automatizes polyp detection emitting an alarm when a polyp is sensed, increases the field of view to 360º and differenciates malignant and benign tissues without changing the current clinical practice.

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